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The way to kill your grandchild 25 years before their birth

Science can be a funny whore. Since the 20s , over a period of more than 50 years, science has looked at the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. Some working to develop new healing methods, some in service for the military purposes. Some were just scientists. Curious. However the results were scientific and scientiffically discuessed. Every experiment repeated showed the same outcome.

The last honestly reviewed study about the effects of micro wve radiation, conducted in the year 88, showed that a group of mice who were exposed to low levels of microwave radiation completely died out after the 5th generation. This same type of radiation was used by the Russians during the cold war and directed at the US-Embassy in Moscow whenever they had important meetings behind closed doors.  Todaymicro wave radiation is used in W-LAN, WIFI, Smart Meters, Bluetooth et al.

Since the 80`s thousands of studies have been conducted to prove that this type of radiation is harmless, and financed by guess who! The mobile industry? The problem is you can`t cheat the truth unless you lie.

The evidence remains. This type of radiation is harmful. When it comes to microwave radiation the most sensitive structure is the mitochondrial DNA. These DNA molecules are passed to the next generation only by the female egg, not by the sperm, so there is no way of correcting damage once it is done. Mitochondria are responsible for the power supply in the human body, without these little helpers we can’t live.  The most sensitive moment for these DNA molecules is the moment of their creation, in the ovaries of a female embryo during the 6th and 7th week of pregnancy. This – to get it right – does not affect the embryo itself. The genes of the baby have been formed already a generation before in a healthy environment during the pregnancy of the grandmother. But it will affect the children of the embryo in 25 years time. This is why the mice became infertile and died out in the experiment.

Because we are not directly affected the temptation to ignore these facts is huge. Although an increasing number of people suffer from allergic-like reactions to EMF pollution, only a few are aware of the intrusive character of all these invisible waves we surround ourselves with.

How unfortunate because there are simple ways to protect yourself such as not carrying a cell phone in the pocket of your pants where the locating signal alone reduces testosterone by 75% or switching off your wireless internet at night to give your body at least a few hours to recreate itself .



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