The conference is inspired by the life and work of Rosalie Bertell, the scientist and nun who received the Alternative Nobel Prize in 1986 and who died in june 2012. Her book “Planet Earth, the Latest Weapon of War?” has foreseen much of what is happening before our eyes right now. She has been standing up against corruption and ignorance in the medical commissions on Bhopal and in Chernobyl – and she is inspiring us to take action now as geo-engineering is being implemented on a global scale.



safe wireless technology and mobile phones really are and what long-term risks there may be in the future?

Why mercury, the third most toxic element known to man, is used for tooth fillings, and fluoride, which is almost as deadly as arsenic, is put into toothpaste and the water supply of certain countries?

Why the media continues to report how dangerous vitamin and mineral supplements are, when people are dying every day from the side effects of normal prescription drugs?

Why there seem to be so many “contrails” from jet planes criss-crossing the sky – ones that don’t evaporate and then turn into hazy clouds that obscure the sun?

Why perfectly healthy toddlers suddenly develop autism only weeks after being given a vaccination and why the number of reported cases is rising dramatically?

Why the world’s economy is collapsing and why the financial sector that was responsible for starting the financial crisis is being bailed out using taxpayers’ money?

These are just some of the many questions that will be examined at the OPEN MIND CONFERENCE 2012 in Oslo, Norway. Over a three-day period, from Friday 19th to Sunday 21nd September 2012, participants will be able to attend a series of fascinating lectures that will attest to the global challenges that are facing us today – both the true nature and origins of these challenges and the most likely outcome of what will occur if things do not change.

A number of highly-esteemed lecturers will be providing their services free of charge. These include Barrie Trower, Dr. Dietrich  Klinghardt,  Dr. Günter Haffelder, Vilhelm Schjelderup, Trond Skaftnesmo, Holger Strohm, Lars Drudgaard, Chris Butters a.o. All lectures will be held in English (or translated from Norwegian). You can read more about the speakers here.

The most important aspect of the conference is to provide a source of inspiration and a platform where ideas can be exchanged – somewhere people can participate in discussions, suggest solutions and talk about the issues that they feel most passionate about. Hence the conference slogan: “We are the co-creators of the change we want to see in the world”.

The forum provides the opportunity to meet in small groups for practice seminars.

At the breaks  a number of serious exhibitors presents concrete solutions within radiation, health and environment.

The Light Festival concludes the event, giving  an artistic feel and inspiration. World renown composer  Øystein Sevåg, and an inspiring lecture on the use of whale song are some of the highlights, along with exhibitions on light, shadow and colors in a healing context.

The House of Literature in Oslo is the setting for the first part of the conference (Friday until kl.16) and also during the debate event arranged by the People’s radiation protection initiative the day before (18.10. all day). for the weekend we move on to the Waldorfschool in Oslo / Bærum, which has a particular intimate and enjoyable atmosphere – and almost no  radiation. Art exhibition and small musical interplays create an inspiring environment throughout the conference.

You can buy tickets here, download the Program for printout here..
Organic /biodynamic dishes will be served at the conference.
You can read more about a former Open Mind Conference in Denmark and the Nordic Open Mind network here.

We look forward to seeing you at the Open Mind Conference Norway 2012