List of contributors:


Thomas Aksnes, founder and developer of “Health Tech Sciences” in Bergen. Specialist in biological effects of favorable and unfavorable electromagnetic interference. He has introduced several health technologies in Norway, including quantum medicine devices, treatment technologies, water ionizing treatment and EarthFX earthing products; Askøy / Norway

Chris Butters, Course Leader in Energy and Sustainable Development at the University of Oslo, and senior advisor at the Idea Bank Foundation, Oslo. Member of GAIA network, with over 30 years of experience with organic architecture. Worked also in Bhutan for 10 years and has written about development and «over development». Author of numerous articles and books, among them the nyutkomne «From Passive to healthy buildings» along with building biologist Benthe Leland; Sydafrika and Oslo,

Lars Drudgaard, sound engineer and audiologist, European coordinator for  ICAACT, International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies – ICAACT.ORG. He speaks as victim of abuse over the «Electronic terrorism» (remote influencing technologies; Denmark.

Dr. Günter Haffelder, physician, psychologist, researcher, founder and director of the «Institute for Communication and Brain Research»; Stuttgart / Germany

Sissel Halmøy, Master degree in Technical Cybernetics, co-founder of the Association for electrosensitive «Felo» and the newly formed People’s radiation protection (“Folkets strålevern”), head of the International EMF Alliance (; Oslo / Norway

Harald Kautz-Vella has his background in geology, quantum physics and media. His specialty is innovative energy technologies. He works independently as a journalist, media consultant and advisor for innovative energy technology companies. He is engaged in the project ‘Desert Greening’, a project that already has produced some remarkable results. Berlin/ Germany,

Ralph Raphael Kleimann, Therapist – including speech therapy, building biologist, teacher, and founder of  BALDRON, Vinterbro / Norway,

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, doctor, psychologists, groundbreaking research on connections between electromagnetic fields, toxins and chronic infections such as Lyme borreliosis; Seattle / Washington, USA;;;

Vilhelm Schjelderup, Physician, researcher, doctor and acupuncturist and one of the pioneers in natural medicine in Norway, an important bridge between conventional medicine and alternative medicine. Has worked in psychiatry such as rural doctor, the Health Directorate and as a consultant for the prison service in Oslo . Author of several books; Norway / wiki / Vilhelm_Schjelderup

Trond Skaftnesmo, scientist, philosopher and textbook author. Has published books «Freedom Biology» (2000), «Genparadigmets fall» (2005), «Consciousness and the Brain» (2009) and «Descartes ‘Axe’ (Danish, 2012). Launches his new book «People Enemies» (Folkefiender) at the symposium, research book on the fate of three » heretic scientists «: Andrew Wakefield (vaccines & autism), Olle Johansson (EMF) and Arpad Pusztai (GMO); Norge

Holger Strohm, co-founder of «The Green» and author of «Friedliche in die Katastrophe» – the book that was central to the anti-atomenergibevegelesen the 70’s – and also close friend of Olof Palme. He has just released a new documentary with the same title as the famous book. Film premiere with Norwegian text of the conference; Germany /

Barrie Trower, physicist, mathematician, humanphysiologist, military scientist, longstanding expert on microwave weapons by the Royal Navy and MI6 intelligence. Later author of the tetra-report to the British government, «Whistleblower» and critic of TETRA radio network. Adviser for HESE-Human ecological, social economical project. Exeter / UK;

Workshops / forum:
In addition to the speakers;

Odd Magne Hjortland, engineering, building biologist and therapist; Norway

Pamela Hiley, leader of the Norwegian Taiji center, has for many years been active in cultural exchange and work for peace and spirituality, as through her initiatives for the Business Council for Peace at the Nobel Peace Institute and MAP (Martial Arts for Peace. Wales and Oslo / Norway, taiji .no.

Ingelin Sevåg Vestly, therapist and teacher with clinic in Ås, Coordinator of Environmental Medicine education and psychokinesiology by Dr. Klinghard in Norway; Norway,

Renzo Celani, healer and medical intuitive, active collaboration with research institutes, therapists and doctors all over the world; Italy / Norway


Øystein Sevåg Versatile musician, composer and producer, with several productions and publications, winner of the Indie Award, USA, with «Bridge», 1997 («Best New Age Recording of the Year.»). Actual with «Space for a crowded world» 2012; Bærum, Norway,
Tal Colman musician and multi-instrumentalist, has studied music in Norway, the Netherlands and India, and Theater in Tel Aviv. Having worked for many years with sound therapy and concerts, now current with «Journey to the Temple Within»; England/Norway

Odd Lindbråten, sculptorer, class teacher and an art teacher for 30 years, assistant professor of art education at the Rudolf Steiner School in Oslo. Works as an independent creative artist, with sculptures, paintings and prints. Will have an exhibition during the conference and give a consideration of light and shadow at the festival; Moss, Norway.

Pamela Hiley, leader of the Norwegian Taiji center, has for many years been active in the cultural exchange and the work for peace and spirituality. England/Norway