Autism – ADHD – Narcolepsy

Mercury fingerprints in a big crime case.

The beauty of mathematics is that one can calculate things with it. Extrapolating the growing autism rates indicates that by 2030, 100% of the boys and by 2040, 100% of the girls will be autistic – if the cause is not found and dealt with. This is what a simple calculation shows.

Autism and ADHD are often linked. Both being an emotional and mental distortion of the children’s psyche,  ADHD in many cases may be called a mild form of autism.

After the swine flu vaccination campaigns of 2010, 2011 and 2012, we now have a third sick kid on the block: narcolepsy – a disease which seems to be related to the mercury components used to sterilize vaccines. Has the link between mercury poisoning  and autism been overlooked? – Although both have the same symptoms. Eventually the culprit becomes obvious. Mercury has always been an important component of vaccinations and the dose of mercury that a newborn gets in its first 6 weeks with all the mandatory vaccinations, exceeds the legal boundaries for an adult by the factor of more than 8.

Many European countries silently reacted to the obvious and banned mercury as a preservative in vaccines. So the word gets out. But some scientists still refuse to lay back and relax. The US based researcher Dietrich Klinghardt who is one of the few physicians worldwide who has been able to heal autism could prove that it is not the mercury alone that is or was responsible – although all autistic children do show toxic levels of the heavy metal, he could show that it actually is a combination of toxins, exposure to high frequency electromagnetic radiation and induced secondary chronic infections that form the pattern behind these new diseases. Especially the radiation intensity at sleeping areas of pregnant mothers turns out to have a correlation with autism.

Dietrich Klinghardt will be coming to Oslo this week to share his knowledge and healing methods on just this topic. Being a widely acknowledged researcher he will be happy to meet representatives of mainstream medicine.


Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: Is autism the consequence of an infection aquired in the womb? Online at

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