About the Association BALDRON

BALDRON is a non-profit association whose purpose is to promote health, environment and research to inspire interaction between people and nature. BALDRON is an “Idealistic Association”, that is a kind of Cooperative which funds non-profit projects relating to health and the environment.

BALDRON Cooperative stands for information, research and networking with BALDRON Academy (www.baldron.com) as the organizer of seminars, symposia and education, and participation in public debate on relevant issues. (See for example the annual Symposium “Wireless Humanity” and the “Water Symposium” in March 2011 (soon at  www.watersymposium.no.)

The Association owns “BALDRON Health retailer” (the Norwegian based Webshop “BALDRON Helseforhandleren – currently via www.baldron.com, soon at its own domain) which is engaged in business consultancy and sales of health products, and “BALDRON therapy” that works to develop its own therapy network.

The economic aspects of the business are to serve the ideal goals by creating a financial foundation for our projects. The academy aims at developing ideas through research, collaboration and networking.

The people behind BALDRON

The initiators behind BALDRON are Marianne Kleimann Sevåg and Ralph-Raphael Kleimann – an entrepreneurial team with varied expertise and experience. They have worked for many years to build up a network of professionals and enthusiasts from Norway and abroad. In addition, they are connected to several independent coworkers who are engaged in the association’s activities and objectives, both in the work of the health retailer and Academy. Also a team of therapists is freely associated with the project, both in Norway and internationally.

Raphael Kleimann is 44 years old, grown up on a farm in Germany and educated as  teacher (Germany, USA) with a further Masters in Norway, as well as trainings and work experiences in creative speech and speech therapy (Switzerland), organic tree care and Fulbright Scholarship (USA), educational work (Italy and Greece). In Norway he has finished a training in Unity Therapy with Dr. Audun Myskja. He has driven research and seminars in Switzerland and worked at schools in Germany and Norway, before he started BALDRON.

Ralph-Raphael is fluent in Norwegian, English, French, Italian, Greek and partly in Russian. This gives him an unusually good basis to develop the association’s international network and build good relationships with producers and communities. Ralph-Raphael’s task in the association is to work with networking, keeping in touch with research institutions and providers, hosting seminars and symposia, as well as to develop and operate the academy activities. In addition, Raphael is seving as a therapist and lecturer. And with a little luck, he can also be seen in the garden ….

Marianne Kleimann-Sevågis 52 years old, grown up in Oslo, and a teacher with a master’s degree in environmental education. She has worked as a teacher for 28 years, including 19 years as a teacher in Waldorfschools, and 3 years as a teacher and head of a kindergarden. Besides the various educational programs, she has many years of study in therapy, including a 7 years part-time training in special education, 3 years of training in Unity Therapy with Dr. Audun Myskja, a 2-year training in balneotherapy in Germany and a one year speech therapy program in Switzerland.

Marianne is an experienced lecturer and has over many years held numerous courses for teachers and parents. She has previously published the book «Amputated childhood” (Vidar Books, 1993) and a long series of articles in various journals. She is also popular with his cooking classes and food consultancy. Marianne is now working as a freelance consultant and project manager for kindergartens and schools, next to her therapy and writer’s activities. In BALDRON she is creative manager  and operations manager at once, in close collaboration with Raphael and the entire network of friends, employees and advisors. But wait to meet her working with the garden flowers if you want to experience Marianne in her full enthusiasm …