Selection of Papers from the Open Mind Conference


The Chemistry in Contrails

Assessing the Impact of Jet fuel Impurities, Additives and Aerosols from classified Military Operations on Nature

by Harald Kautz-Vella

Final paper on the impact of barium aerosols on bio-photon exchange and cell division. Including a brief history and proof of conducted geo-engineering. This is the story how the worries of single Farmers from the Oslo area about not-growing grass lead to one of the maybe most important discoveries of this decade. The devastating effect of certain aerosols sprayed on plant growth, that might put the entire nature to death if not stopped. MUST READ! MUST ACT!


Forskningsfrihet? Belyst gjennom tre casestudier.

by Trond Skaftnesmo.

A brief history of the corruption of science, that is squeesed between lobby interest and scientific dogmas. Powerpoint copy of the lecture.


Sustainable Development of the Built Environment The Road from Rio.

by Chris Butter

Sustainability today is universally understood as having both ecological, economic, and social / cultural dimensions. Sustainable design is a synthesis of past and future. It is rooted in global awareness, local in its application. Our reading of the architecture needs to be rooted in a corresponding understanding of ecological and cultural context.


Die wahre Ursache der Katastrophe von Tschernobyl

und die „stillen Kriegshandlungen“ der letzten Jahrzehnte

by Werner Altnickel

Article in German. The Article describes the Chernobyl Desaster as a result of a hidden scalar battle in the cold was szenario, when Russia tried to trigger a major earthquake utilizing the woodpecker long range microwave antenna in the Urkaine, while Israel helped to counterstrike with an «time reversed replika wave» leading to a spontanious nuclear reaction in the powerplant feeding the antenna system.