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Radiation 2012

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Autism – ADHD – Narcolepsy

Mercury fingerprints in a big crime case.

The beauty of mathematics is that one can calculate things with it. Extrapolating the growing autism rates indicates that by 2030, 100% of the boys and by 2040, 100% of the girls will be autistic – if the cause is not found and dealt with. This is what a simple calculation shows.

Autism and ADHD are often linked. Both being an emotional and mental distortion of the children’s psyche, ADHD in many cases may be called a mild form of autism.

After the swine flu vaccination campaigns of 2010, 2011 and 2012, we now have a third sick kid on the block: narcolepsy – a disease which seems to be related to the mercury components used to sterilize vaccines. Has the link between mercury poisoning and autism been overlooked? – Although both have the same symptoms. Eventually the culprit becomes obvious. Mercury has always been an important component of vaccinations and the dose of mercury that a newborn gets in its first 6 weeks with all the mandatory vaccinations, exceeds the legal boundaries for an adult by the factor of more than 8.

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Whose bread I eat – His Song I sing

The way to kill your grandchildren 25 years before their birth

Science can be a funny whore. Since the 20s , over a period of more than 50 years, science has looked at the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. Some working to develop new healing methods, some in service for military purposes. Some were just scientists. Curious. However the results were scientific and scientiffically discussed. Every experiment repeated showed the same outcome.

The last honestly reviewed study about the effects of micro wave radiation, conducted in the year 88, showed that a group of mice who were exposed to low levels of microwave radiation completely died out after the 5th generation. This same type of radiation was used by the Russians during the cold war and directed at the US-Embassy in Moscow whenever they had important meetings behind closed doors. Today the micro wave radiation is used in W-LAN, WIFI, Smart Meters, Bluetooth et al.

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Too green for Greenpeace?

A brief history of human self-annihilation

On the 22st of September 2012 the low budget documentary film, “Quietly into Desaster” had its pre-premiere in Hamburg. It was produced by the German heavy-weight green activist Holger Strohm and directed by Marcin El and vividly shows ”a brief history of human self-annihilation” brought on by the release of huge amounts of radioactivity into the biosphere – both with military and civil applications. Holger Strohm who can be called the father of the german anti-nuclear-power-movement brought much of germany to a state of anti nuclear rage back in the 70ies with his book of the same title. Knowing that today nobody would bother reading 1300 pages of gripping evidence he recently decided to take it all to film.

Although things haven`t changed much and all the terrible crimes and irresponsibility involving radioactivity still wait to be assessed, Holger gives us two stunning insights into our recent past that seem to be even too much for Greenpeace to go into.  Although Greenpeace promised to help promote the film they remained totally passive and uninvolved since the premiere. This goes along with the refusal of all German film distributors to screen the film and of all TV-stations to broadcast it.

At the OPEN MIND CONFERENCE we dare to listen. And we decided to invite Holger Strohm to a Scandinavia premiere where we are hoping to find a more open audience then back in his home country. “Drifting Unnoticed into Disaster” will be shown on the 19th of October at 20:00 at the Steinerskolen in Bærum.




Radiation 2012


Friday, October 19
“Radiation, Safety and Health”

10:00 Trond Skaftnesmo: The freedom of research – introduction into the topic.
11:00 Barrie Trower: WLAN, TETRA and the future of humanity. Insights from an insider.
12:00 Thomas Aksnes: Body “mobile”.
Function, disorders and treatment of the body’s self-regulation ability.
14:00 Trond Skaftnesmo: Andrew Wakefield – a Public Enemy. The debate about vaccines
15:00 Holger Strohm: Nuclear energy and world politics – new dangers from an outdated technology. With excerpts from his new documentary film
16:00 Self-organized bite to eat
17:00 Departure to Steinerschool  in Bærum
18:00 Harald Kautz-Vella: Prospects andHazards of geo-engineering.
19:30 Premiere: “Quitely into disaster” – Documentary film by renowned journalist Holger Strohm, cofounder of the German Green party. To approx. 21:30 p.m.

Saturday, October 20
“Making the Invisible Visible”

10:00 Chris Butters. Norway – an over-developed country? Gross National Happiness vs. Gross National Product
11:00 Barrie Trower: Radar, microwave
weapons and geopolitics
12:00 Lars Druudgard: Mind Control with microwaves?
14-16 Panel Discussion: Electromagnetism vs. life? Director: Raphael Kleimann, Trond
Skaftnesmo, Vilhelm Schjelderup, Barrie Trower, Dietrich Klinghardt  (unconfirmed), Chris Butters , Holger Strohm , Sissel Halmøy, Werner Altnickel
16-18 Forum
Odd Magne Hjortland: Measurement and screening practices. Use of simple measuring equipment.
Chris Butters: From passive to healthy buildings: What is real deep green architecture?
Thomas Aksnes: Grounding – Earthing – Health
Ingelin Vestly, Renzo Celani: Environmental Medical testing in practice
Dietrich Klinghardt: How to help children with autism? (unconfirmed)
Harald Kautz-Vella: Sun storms and radioactivity. Measurement, measures and contingency
Pamela Hiley: Taiji – embodying the invisible

18:00 Thomas Aksnes: Grounding  – Earthing – Health. Bio-electromagnetism and EMF
18:45 Vilhelm Schjelderup: Electromagnetism in politics and medicine
20:00 Dietrich Klinghardt: Practice Lecture and Demonstration: Testing of environmental stress (radiation, chemical stress, chronic
End about 9:30

Sunday, October 21
“A Future Health Paradigm”

10:00 Trond Skaftnesmo.
Freedom Biology
11:00 Dietrich Klinghardt: The new environmental medicine – Light, color, body
12:00 Final Panel

Dietrich Klinghardt,
Ingelin Vestly, Renzo
Celani: Lightkinesiology,
phototherapy and laser
Thomas Aksnes: quantum medicine, medicine
Harald Kautz-Vella: Understanding Free Energy.
Pamela Hiley: Taiji – embodying the invisible

16:00 to 18:00
Light Festival
“The frequency of life”

With Øystein Sevåg (music) — unconfirmed, Odd Lindbråten (exhibition and considerations), Tal Colman (music) & Pamela Hiley (TaiJi)




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