A reset button for humanity?

Have you ever recovered  from a severe illness? Finding your way through crisis can be a life-changing experience – not just getting back to normal but re-imagining purpose,  re-inventing the game….a reset button that unleashes un unprecedented flow of creativity.

We believe that that is where the world is at right now: Its deep systemic crisis, financially and ecologically (with some muddy undercurrent of covert military strategies for geopolitical dominion) cannot be fixed with the old toolbox of politics.

It can`t go on like this. But the almost inevitable breakdown within the next months will allow us to start from scratch with new ideas for sustainable life on Earth.

OPEN MIND CONFERENCE 19.-21.october in Oslo will present such new ideas. And it will be an eye-opener for what is happening right now, as shadow-picture of our true connection with Earth: Geo-engineering, the ultimate attempt to manipulate climate, endorsed by the UN climate panel and backed  by “philanthropists”  like Bill Gates.