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Selection of Papers from the Open Mind Conference

  The Chemistry in Contrails Assessing the Impact of Jet fuel Impurities, Additives and Aerosols from classified Military Operations on Nature by Harald Kautz-Vella Final paper on the impact of barium aerosols on bio-photon exchange and cell division. Including a … Read More

Resources – Barrie Trowers research documents

Here you will be able to download the accumulated evidence for the abuse and the health hazards of -Mobile radiaton -WLAN -TETRA compiled by Barrie Trower, researcher and lecturer at OPEN MIND CONFERENCE Radiation 2012. It is his wish that … Read More


View this email in your browser Hi folks Autism – ADHD – Narcolepsy Mercury fingerprints in a big crime case. The beauty of mathematics is that one can calculate things with it. Extrapolating the growing autism rates indicates that by … Read More


View this email in your browser Hi folks Autisme – ADHD – Narkolepsi Fingermerker etter kvikksølv I en stor kriminalsak.   Matematikkens skjønnhet er at du kan kalkulere ting med den. En ekstrapolering av den økende autismeraten indikerer at i … Read More

A reset button for humanity?

Have you ever recovered  from a severe illness? Finding your way through crisis can be a life-changing experience – not just getting back to normal but re-imagining purpose,  re-inventing the game….a reset button that unleashes un unprecedented flow of creativity. … Read More

En reset-knapp for menneskeheten?

Har du noen gang kommet deg etter en alvorlig sykdom?  Å finne veien gjennom krisen kan være en livsforvandlende opplevelse – ikke bare komme tilbake til normalen, men få nye tanker om mål og hensikt, så og si starte spillet … Read More

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